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I only really look to Metacritic if I'm on the fence about a game and that is so that I can look at what people like and don't like. As far as overall score, I kinda put games that score in the midrange (the yellow games) into more of a niche title than a bad game. They can be good but aren't necessarily for everybody. The red games are the ones to avoid in most cases (though sometimes those aren't nearly as terrible as websites claim).

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I don't. I've never read a (game) review... I may have cklicked on one or two of them but i never seem to be able to finish reading them... i just find them boring...

Also i've only been on metacritic once or twice and don't know why this site is such a huge deal... but maby that's just because i don't find any use in game reviews.
If i want to know how the game is there is plenty of material there to get a more acurate look than reviews. Demos or walkthroughs for one.
If i'm on the fence about the game i just watch the first few minutes (or hour) of the game off of a walkthrough, you get way more information out of that and most reviewers don't finish the games anyway so i've pretty much seen about as much of the game as them.

The reviewers scores are fine... the gamers that read it are using they in the wrong way.