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It's no secret that Nintendo has had a major problem marketing the Wii U. Most non-gamers (and even some gamers) I speak with have no idea that it even exists. Even Jimmy Fallon couldn't quite figure it out—and he was supposed to be showing it off that night.

Now Nintendo has apparently ramped up its efforts to explain just what the hell that big, glaring "U" means with the posters that GTTV host Geoff Keighley spotted and Tweeted about at PAX East today. "Why Wii U?" the ad reads, followed by a lengthy list of all the things the Wii U does that that crappy old Wii simply doesn't. Keighley followed up with a second tweet explaining that you can tear the flyers away and take them home, like phone-pole ads for a neighborhood dog walker, just in case you forget all the things the Wii won't do.

I'll say this: at least we can be sure Nintendo is definitely aware of the issue. But strangely, it seems like they left "GameCube game compatibility" off that list. Now why would they do that? Check out the full poster below.

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Now if they translate what they are doing at PAX East to other media we might have something here.

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"Why Wii U?" is a very good question that Nintendo should have asked of themselves before making it.

That chart just makes it look like an updated Wii variant. They really aren't doing themselves any favors, and it seems clear they're trying to have it both ways as stupid and counter-productive as it is.

Besides, I don't care how you market it, the thing is not gonna sell half of what it would if they had a damn game on it, one single game that the public actually wants. They don't have a single game they could hype and market effectively out right now even if they wanted to since Nintendo Land didn't pan out. It's strange to think, but their first real chance of that is realistically gonna be Pikmin 3, so really I don't expect much of anything until the end of the year.

badgenome said:

"Why Wii U?" is a very good question that Nintendo should have asked of themselves before making it.

You have to at least give people a chance to reply to the thread before writing a post like this.


OT: What's the middle game in the "Plays Wii-U games" row?  I cannot for the life of me tell what it is.

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Kresnik said:

OT: What's the middle game in the "Plays Wii-U games" row?  I cannot for the life of me tell what it is.

Looks like Sing Party.

I just noticed that the reason they may have called the Wii U the Wii U in the first place was so more people would pay attention to it in general. Just like naming the second playstation the playstation 2, and the handheld PSP (playstation portable). If they were to name it something else (Sony), they wouldn't have had as many people recognize what it was from its original success. PERHAPS Nintendo was thinking the same thing. I do not know, however, if that's how things would have played out in real life.

If you really need to try this hard to explain why people should buy your product, it's probably not a very good one in the first place..

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As lame as a compassion table is some consumers can only comprehend stuff in this format lol.

But I agree it isn't doing them any favours as it looks like a mere upgrade.

If they are content on these posters, the first thing it should say is NEXT GEN.



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So Nintendo's solution to the Wii U's sluggish sales is to advertise it against ... the Wii?

Way to go strong, Nintendo. Show the competition no mercy. You go out there are you take all 20,000 would-be Wii customers a week and you convince them to buy a Wii U instead!

Well, that's it, people. Problem solved.