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I just finished xenoblade, and I am expecting to pick up the last story and pandoras tower soon.

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I lost my xenoblade save data in the Wii U move :(. So I let my buddy borrow it and he let me borrow the Last Story. TLS is an excellent game.

Shakarak on Nintendo Switch, Steam.

Hmm would love to get Ni no kuni and Tales of Xillia but i dont have a PS3 at the moment and its uncertain if/when i will get one. definitly could go with a price cut.

Still, i recently got Persona 4 and will get Fire Emblem awakening next month. Got Witcher 2, KoA:Reckoning and Fallout new vegas to finish up. Also got Eternal sonata, Ys 7, FF crisis core and Valkyria chronicles 2 in the backburner aswell as remakes of Tactics ogre and Lunar and the enhanced edition of FFT.

Just finished Fire Emblem: Awakening, my choice for best JRPG of at least the last 5 years.

I have Xenoblade to finish but haven't gotten around to it (it's freaking amazing!), currently playing MH3:U and XCom:EnemyUnknown (more of a strategy game but still very fun) and having a blast with both.

I do have a PS3 and have both Ni no Kuni and Valkyria Chronicles on my list to get but I'm in no hurry as I have mountains of other games to play - will get to them eventually.

I continue to be dissapointed by WRPGs, played Mass Effect 3 recently and it fell flat, played Skyrim some at my friends but it didn't grab me. For some reason when I think of playing a JRPG or WRPG I have two different responses (despite the fact that they generally have the same amount of time investment for me), for a JRPG I usually think 'Awesome!' for a WRPG I usually think 'I already have a job...' because for some reason WRPGs feel like a chore to play to me (again I know I'm generalizing but meh so I'm WRPG racist I'm okay with it).

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I have been busy playing Ni No Kuni!!! I have had it for a while now, but I am away from my PC and have spare time all day, so I have been getting in about 5+ hours per day of Ni No Kuni, so I am now up to 40 hours.

The game has some fundamental problems, but is generally very very good and I am in no mind to stop!

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Ni no Kuni is awesome and so was Xenoblade Chronicles and the Last Story best RPG's I have seen or played recently

I am playing Ni No Kuni and it just keeps getting better. I am very excited about this year and plan on buying several more JRPGs.

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I heard good things about Ni No Kuni, but have never been a huge fan of jrpg's in general except for a few. I can't really wrap my head around that art style much either. What is your opinion on it compared to the elder scrolls series or wrpg's in general? Is it a turned based combat system?

It's an action RPG.

So that means you assume direct control like in skyrim then?

Close, but more like Star Ocean 1 and 2. You can move freely around the field choosing attacks, specials, magic, etc.

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I've recently beaten Fire Emblem: Awakening and have just started on Ni No Kuni. The former is my new favorite handheld game, and the latter, while good, is taking quite a long time to really take off. I've seen late-game gameplay, but nothing about it suggests that Ni No Kuni will become my favorite RPG anytime soon.

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I'm a fan of RPGs. While I've played a lot of excellent wRPGs this gen, however, I've played very few jRPGs. The reason is, unfortunately, that I'm poor and they never seem to come down in price.

The good news is that Dragon's Dogma has come up on my trading list and I should get it this week, and I finally bought P4G because it finally went on sale. It also should be in this week.

I've been playing Disgaea 4 this past week. I plan to buy something RPG-ish with the $10 back from Sony for purchasing PS+ (if I ever get it), possibly a PSP game like Tactics Orge or some such. Though I kind of want that Crystal Defenders game, as the demo was fun ...

Also, as mentioned by someone else above, my kingdom for Suikoden 6. That series has one of the best meta-storylines in all of gaming, period.