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Every Wii U or Nintendo fan uses the same excuse for the Wii U.Their excuse is it's lack of games. Now here's where that excuse does not help there cause in the Wii U selling at least more than 45mil.

The GameCube had plenty of Mario Games,Two Pokemon Games,and Four Zelda games if I am correct yet it was the least selling console last gen and was outsold by the XBox the Rookie Console. Nintendo is an established company with a loyal following,but got ousted by the Rookie which was not established.

So can anyone give me the answer to why they rely on the games arguement when that isn't even guarenteed to boost the Wii U sales by alot.

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I honestly do not know, maybe magic has something to do with it.

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GC's case actually didn't made any sense. It had games(1st and 3rd party), it had the controller, it had the online features, it had even an add-on that played GBA/GBC games and also GBA connection that allowed new gaming possibilities, it was the smallest and most reliable console of that generation and, most importantly for the gaming forums crowd, it had the graphics.

So, what can we conclude from all that? Gaming market makes no sense.

ps2 ushered in the dvd player. its a hole new ball game now.

tbone51 said:

Tag, getting the popcorn out

What for?

the console looked ridiculous to some people? poor marketing? I don't really know.

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snyps said:
ps2 ushered in the dvd player. its a hole new ball game now.

Thanks for actually responding to the Topic.

I don't understand why people have to get all angry just answer what I asked simple.

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