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think-man said:
I wouldn't buy the 720 even if it was half the price of the ps4 buuuuuut!! I really dont see what the issue is with this announcement :/ why does it even matter if it has to be connected all the time? If I didnt have an internet connection I wouldnt buy a console in the first place.

There are still some people who don't get connected all that well. In some playes, Internet is only available at very low speeds, like 64 kbit/s. I for myself can connect only using the mobile network, which gives me about 5 Mbit/s, but the response time is really bad. It should improve with LTE, but one prolbem remains: I have limited Data. Only 5 GB a month, after that, the speed goes down significantly. And I'm not planning to waste that volume to some game consoles, that's why I prefer them to operate offline. 

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Doesn't the ps4 do the samething? It has a low power mode so that were ever u buy a game tbe console will be able to download it

Azerth said:
Doesn't the ps4 do the samething? It has a low power mode so that were ever u buy a game tbe console will be able to download it

I also heard that,but suddenly people act like MS is talking about 720 will require online

Couple comments here...

- Isn't the "always on, always online" thing basically just a glorified version of the Wii's "WiiConnect24"? This was optional on the Wii, and 99.9% likely to be an optional mode on 720 as well. it doesn't say anything about REQUIRING a constant online connection in order to operate or play games.

- Where are you people getting your ideas that the 720 won't play "used" games? It says the disc-based games require an install before playing... doesn't say anything about only one version per game per console or anything like that.

On 2/24/13, MB1025 said:
You know I was always wondering why no one ever used the dollar sign for $ony, but then I realized they have no money so it would be pointless.

If this information is real, it sounds very similar to the PS4's ease of access. I'm guessing PS4/720 will both be "always on." The obvious worry is that Sony or Microsoft will go the SimCity or Starcraft 2 route. Which is ridiculous, because without internet access your $65 purchase is useless. If they do that, show your anger by NOT BUYING THEIR CONSOLE. Don't sit there and be slapped in the face, with your only power being the ability to complain on some useless gaming forum. That will lead you nowhere.

We don't have enough info as of yet, but I do scoff at the idea of the next xbox being a multimedia hub. It's actually quite laughable when seeing microsoft's poor track record. The past 6 years they've tried desperately to push mp3 players, phones, tablets and of coarse xbox360 as a "multimedia hub." ...If you can't play bluray, you don't belong in the living room. That would be considered a "pretender to the throne." Sony has been very successful at marketing their PS3 as a gaming machine and entertainment device. Microsoft not so much..

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ishiki said:

That leads me to believe that either this whole report is false. Their would be no reason to have blu-ray format and not just do something proprietary like nintendo did so you don't have to pay royalties.
Or that the UK 360 chief, doesn't share the same opinion as other people within microsoft.

Well we don't know what kinda fees MS is paying. No one made a stink about MS and Sony paying DVD royalties, my guess is the fee of Bluray royalties are reasonable. Lets be frank, it's in the best interest of Bluray to be in the next Xbox. That might help boost Bluray movie sales.

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Microsoft paying Sony and the bluray consortium would be the worst pr nightmare for microsoft.

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No way. A company that purposely sent out a product with faulty heatsinks to the consumer and then charges the same consumer for online multiplayer access would ever do something like this.

Alway online shouldn't be a problem these days
The standby stuff doesn't concern me neither and wouldn't if it would be on the PS4 too.
If im not at home i turn off the cable connector and when im home everything is turned on/standby even my PC over the night.

Microsoft finally accepted the fact BluRay is needed.
Normally you should laugh at them for what they said years ago...Why not sticking to DvD this gen too?

The install thing is kinda confusing
Probably every game is going to be bound to account then right?So really no used games or you have to pay a fee to unbind it/get another key.
Otherwise this would mean install it,sell the disk and play the game.So it has to be the option above.
I like that if it is going to be that way.Good way into the Digital Only direction.
Or do they just want to release the tension from the disk drive?Again a Low quality part in the console and probably another "Rrod"/flaw that will force you into buying multiple consoles over the years confirmed?

D-Joe said:
Azerth said:
Doesn't the ps4 do the samething? It has a low power mode so that were ever u buy a game tbe console will be able to download it

I also heard that,but suddenly people act like MS is talking about 720 will require online

My guess is always online is means that the consle will always be powered on not that it always needs an internet connection to work