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Hi, sorry for my english :p

A question:

Why VGC understimated the German's market?

For example, in 2012:

Market comparison excluding accessories:
- UK: €2.059 million (-22%)
- Germany: €1.957 million (-9.2%)

- France: €1.728 million (-14.7%)
- Spain: €725 million (-16.9%)

In VGC Germany's SW in 2012 was 32milions, and UK 42 milions. The GAP is too big.

And then:

German BIU Sales Awards February (LtD) 

1 Million
Fifa 13 (PS3)
After 6 months, Fifa 12 needed 11 months for 1 million on one plattform. To what we know it is the fastest selling game ever on a single plattform, probably overall. 
Need For Speed Most Wanted 2012 (PS3)
Fußball Manager 2013 (PC)

In VGC, FIFA 13(PS3) in Germany is still 800.000.

In 2011 in Germany was sold 52 milions SW, in UK 55. This 2 market are closer (with some difference.. in Germany PC is strong).


Why VGC don't adjusted it?

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Some of the discrepancy is due to high PC digital sales, but you're right that some retail software is definitely undertracked there. FIFA is really a beast, isn't it?