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Criterion shocked the world, and please many a Nintendo Enthusiast earlier this year by revealing they were behind the delayed port of last winter’s Need For Speed: Most Wanted. The reason for the delay? They had been hard at work researching the ethos behind the Wii U and adding a lot of unique extras to make Most Wanted U the greatest version of the game.

The result is unarguably the one of the most impressive, technologically challenging cross-platform conversions the Wii U has in its roster. Owing to the 1GB of RAM available to developers – compared to the 512MB on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 – the Wii U version features the enhanced textures currently found only on the PC version. It sounds like an ambitious addition, but it proved to be no issue for the team.

Need For Speed: Most Wanted U launches in North America on March 19th, and in Europe on March 22nd. The game will also be made available via the Wii U’s eShop . The game also comes packed with the Ultimate Speed Pack DLC on disc.

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Yeah thats more like it!!!

Bah I thought it be the article. Nintendopie  Was obviously right and I was obviously wrong. I will forever be a lesser being than them. (6/16/13)

We need a link.

it is an article probably from february or january

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Did we really need to see this again? This is still just criterion talking. Results will show later

I thought devs didn't have the full 1gb to use for their games

    R.I.P Mr Iwata :'(

Wow, people here cares too much about the graphics. I mean, 2 threads about the graphics of this game...

graphics, graphics, graphics. graphics are life, graphics are my wife, graphics here, graphics there.... stop it already and grow up

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Nothing from them from a technical perspective, though.

We'll have to wait for that.


Here lies the dearly departed Nintendomination Thread.