EA CEO John Riccitiello Steps Down

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John Riccitiello, CEO of game publisher Electronic Arts, is stepping down.

Former EA CEO and board chairman Larry Probst will take over while the board searches for a new replacement.


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He was bad news.

They plan on replacing him with a Microsalaried CEO. EA will pay for small transactions every time they want him to do paperwork or lead the company.

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Never care for EA

Long time coming. One of the few CEO's who I think actually gave a **** about games, unfortunately I think his passion for games cost him as he was unable to turn EA in the capitalistic money-exploiting empire investors expected. EA have done a lot of dodgy stuff in the past few years, but they refused to turn a behemoth like Battlefield yearly as they don't want to stagnate the market - just like they were careful about Rock Band and music games till Activision flooded it with yearly releases.

EA actually invested in quite a lot of new IP and lower-budget indie type stuff too, unlike other publishers. The next CEO are probably gonna be tasked turning EA into another Activision and that involves killing off that side of the business.

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Never forget

Good riddance to bad rubbish

From NeoGAF:


Maybe they'll start making games for Wii U again and provide DLC maybe?

Nawwww~ Prolly not lol >.>;

Well it seems they finally are admitting to fucking up. Too bad this will not change anything.