Males of vgchartz: What is one thing, that you know for sure, about females?

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For some reason dancing is like their crack. If yo can dance, you will get a hottie! The want to watch dancing on Tv, Save the last Dance, Dirty Dancing, and any other form of dance movie. Eventually they may even request dance lessons or to go dancing...often!


They act like periods are the end of the world. Drama queens! Grow up and deal with it.


Make a decision! If you ask me what you want to eat, don't whine and complain when I choose. Clothes shopping.....or any shopping for that matter. Once they pick something out, do not look at it for another 15 minutes!


What do you know about them? Without a doubt! Do you have down to an exact science?

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They ain't got no penis.

Nintendo is selling their IPs to Microsoft and this is true because:


Are you trying to troll the females in this forum or are you just having a "forever alone" moment?

Most of them have boobs.

Many of them like tall men. No idea why

Postmenopausal women should take care of their bones, because they will shrink.

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They love NintendoPie.

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The world wouldn't be as awesome were they not here.

They all fake orgasms

They bleed for a week and don't die

they are emotional... especially during a certain week.

Wats a Female?