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ethomaz said:

curl-6 said:

You clearly weren't around for the SNES-N64 or N64-Gamecube leaps. ;)

I'm a old NES owner... after SNES, PlayStation, N64, PS2 and PS3/Wii.

Maybe, yeah maybe, the SNES to N64 was big but that's just because the 2D to 3D is more noticiable... I don't know if the jump was that big.

But form the first games the PS4-PS3 jump is bigger than PS3-PS2.

From what we've seen so far, I'd say PS2-PS3 leap was bigger; not just SD to HD, but primitive shaders to full per-pixel and per-vertex shaders.

Plus, PS3 had 37 times as many Gigaflops as PS2, but ps4 has 7.8 times as many Gigaflops as PS3.

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ethomaz said:

But what the developer is talking... about memory... I think it is the biggest ever... GPU performance I'm not sure.

Anybody remember a increase in 16x the size of memory from the previous gen???

Wasn't the the jump from Nes/Gensis to SNES like... 60X or something crazy like that.?

NES had 2KB of RAM, SNES had 128KB of RAM, so that's +126 KB jump.

PS3 had 512MB of RAM, PS4 has 8GB of RAM, so that's +7488 MB jump...its not even comparable lol

It seems like your having a reading comprehnion problem.

Also... multiplications on a smaller level actually generally lead to more of a performance boost per amount added so...

And seems like you have a spelling problem. See, cheapshots won't get us anywhere 

This amount of RAM has never been added to a successor console before and that's a FACT

NES to SNES seems like a big jump only because of how laughable NES hardware was, even for it's own time. It's not much of an achievement to make a big jump from that 

It wasn't a cheap shot.  It was pointing out that you quite literally didn't know what you were talking about when responding.

Also no... the NES wasn't laughable for it's own time... at least not any more laughable then any modern console has been vs PC.


Impressivness of number goes down as ram goes up.  That's pretty obvious because that's how it works for pretty much everything.


It's pretty obvious based on the difference if you switched increases.  An increase like the NES to SNES would mean NOTHING to the PS4 from the PS3... yet was a HUGE deal between the NES and SNES.  It doesn't take knowledge of english to understand the concept.  (or understand 16X which is numerical, not linguistic)

Hence why ethomaz used a times measure in the first place.  Cause a pure rank number is meaningless.... as it was.  NES to SNES.  Or probably more likely Master Systte to SNES was more impressive.  

Since it was more powerful then NES.   Really depends how you want to define jump between generations though, by company or by just generation.