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The Wii U sales are not great right now, and many are asking for a price cut, so i had an idea how to lower the price of the console without endangering the profits to be had.

If they released a budget version only with a classic controller and maybe a Wiimote, they could slash the price by quite a bit and still sell it with profit.

of course i realize there would need adjustments to be made with the UI, and Nintendo would have to design all future games to be optionally playable without the tablet controller, and also add that requirement to 3rd party devs.

but of course the tablet controller would always be an option to buy later on to upgrade to a full Wii U console.



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I don't think that would be best for the system, especially since the tab is a big push for it. If they sold me a console without the tab I probably won't buy it later, period. I'm not sure about other gamers, but for me, I'd like a new SKU with more capacity and a better battery life, and of course games. Once I see those the system will look more attractive.


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i think NO. anyway game pad cost too much

The entire philosophy of this system lies with the controller. Whether its a good idea or not, the controller needs to be bundled because this is the type of gameplay Nintendo chose to push this time. Without it the system would be even more confusing because there are even less games that only use motion controls for Wii U than the ones that "need" the GamePad.

No. That would make things worse. It would reinforce it even more that the system is just a controller for the old Wii.

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No. The Wii U controller is one of the few advantages that it will have over the PS4 and Nextbox. Being able to play games off-TV is a great feature, and the controller could convince people to get the Wii U version of 3rd party games, depending on how the controller is utilized.

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They SHOULD have made the Gamepad optional to begin with. But now it's too late for that and they can't do a roll backwards. So at this point, no.

But you are right the Gamepad was a bad idea. I like it a lot personally but it's just too expensive and too complicated for 90% of the world's population. Nintendo wanted to satisfy the core and the mass market with the tablet but failed to satisfy either... how ironic. I still fail to understand why they didn't just make a Wiimote 2.0 (better motion tracking, better speakers, built in battery, new design) + camera sensor (Kinect-like) combo and put a damn classic controller into the core package. That way classic controllers and Wiimotes would've been the standard, devs would've been happy, manufacturing costs would be lower and both the core and the expanded market would have been satisfied. But nope, Nintendo had to go with the monster tablet.

No. You can't devide the userbase. Plus, I'm sure the difference to manufacture the Gamepad or the Procontroller isn't dramatic, and the Gamepad is cool. It's a major selling point. With the falling yen they could drop the price of the system right now by $50, it's just not a good time to do it. They need to know the price of the competitors, and they need worthwhile games to buy. Then a price drop might work out well.

No. They should release games on a consistent basis, lower the price of hardware and diversify the pricing ranges of software while seeking to introduce more mass market titles next year. Think "Wii Series" or Brain Training but something new--assuming they have that in them.

Only if sony releases the vita without the thumb sticks... see how stupid the suggestion is?