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I hit the wrong option. I have PS3 on HDTV (720p) with DD5.1. I agree with rocketpig that 7.1 isn't used that much yet for it to be worth the cost.

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2x Xbox 360 and PS3 on 56" DLP HDTV at 1080i

1 Xbox 360 and PS3 running on HDMI w/ 7.1 receiver (using optical jack for sound)
1 Xbox 360 running through component and through the same receiver (uses rca jack for sound)

I can move to a smaller 42" 1080p capable HDTV but I like it better on the 56" screen. A lot better for 8 player Halo 3 split screens.

bump in hopes of more respones

i like the current poll better then check boxes because you can see what each console is hooked up to, with checkboxes you would only get totals for how many have a wii? how many have a PS3? how many have a HDTV? and not really see what is hooked up to what

Most of the time I actually play my PS3 on an SDTV without surround sound, but I do take it downstairs for the full experience from time to time

Wii, 27" SDTV, 5.1 sound. S-Video FTW. :)

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32" White/Silver Sony Trinitron Flatscreen TV + 5.1 Sony surround + Wii ;)

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Gamecube, standard def 21in flatscreen, stereo speakers.

I have an N-Gage... and still play it.

Uhh... 1080p 42" lcd tv. and all 3 consoles with 5.1 surround sound.

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HDTV's are overrated from what i have seen, not that much of an improvement from a normal SDTV. I was in a store the other day and they had a 40" samsung plasma hooked upto a Blu-ray player with HDMI and i was not very impressed, i even played around with the settings too.

Then you have the HDTV's from costco or wal-mart that don't even look as nice as my TV. Even if i had an option to trade mine for one of those ones i would refuse.

you are missing some options..

I have Wii- 42'' hdtv plasma, with 5.1 surround system
And a 360 with 27 hdtv lcd.

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