Do you consider Nintendo gamers core gamers?

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Do you consider Nintendo gamers core gamers?

yes 232 68.44%
no 92 27.14%
yes....im afraid of the butt kicking.... 15 4.42%

Yes they are! Of course they like core third party games like AC or COD but yeah those games don't sell like Mario so they get low support.

But like all core gamers Nintendo gamers complain way too much these days, finally they get Black Ops 2 at launch for WiiU and the sales are still low and they never accept the fact that their beloved first party games like Zelda, Metroid,Starfox need to change, evolve. This industy has evolved so much over the years, yeah with ups and mostly downs but Nintendo really needs to move on with their games and come up with new and more core IP's.

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Th3PANO said:
not every Xbox-Gamer is core, not every Nintendo-Gamer not every Sony-Gamer....what a dumb question. There is no console that only has hardcore-, core- or casual gamer

I do believe that in the history of mankind no-one has ever suggested this.

Not if you play exclusively on a Nintendo console. You are shutting out far too many third party games. I imagine all core gamers who favour Nintendo also have a PC/PS3/360 on the side.

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Dr.Grass said:
Michael-5 said:
Dr.Grass said:
Michael-5 said:
Dr.Grass said:
The fact is that a person who only plays on Nintendo consoles is 99% of the time NOT a hardcore gamer whatsoever.

What do I mean by "NOT a hardcore gamer"? That most of the following boxes are ticked:

- He hasn't played most games that fall into the "best game of all time" categories like: Metal Gear Solid, Metroid Prime, Half Life, etc. etc. etc. Nor has he even ever considered the question.

- He has very little to no knowledge about previous generation of games.

- He sucks in competitive multiplayer.

- He can't finish games on _h a r d_ mode like it's supposed to be done.

- He doesn't know developers' names. Prolly doesn't even know shigsy.

- I think you see where I am going with this.

So, no. Probably Rol is the only hardcore "Nintendo-only" gamer in the world.

I suck at competetive multiplayer, and I don't know any developer names except for Miyamoto. Am I not a hardcore gamer to you, despite owning about 500 games and most platforms?

Also for "Best of all time" I'm surprised you omitted The Legend of Zelda and Final Fantasy :P Get with the older gens man.


"most of the following boxes are ticked...I think you see where I am going with this"

EDIT: "I'm surprised you omitted The Legend of Zelda". That's what the (three!) etceteras are for. Not to mention that some would take Zelda as some sort of contradiction to my statement. It's like walking on a razor's edge with you people.

Lol sorry, I din't read "most."

However I don't think being skilled an competitive multiplayer should be a check for "core" gamer. There are a lot of pro's online who only play Call of Duty, and just because they spend 1/3rd their life on CoD, I woldn't consider them "core" just losers.

Sigh. I also didn't comment AT ALL about what a hardcore gamer is. I only stated which qualities a casual gamer definitely doesn't have.

I don't know why I bother sometimes.

That's not true either, I know a few casual gamers who only have under a dozen games and they can whoop my ass in Call of Duty and Halo. Plus they beat those games on the hardest settings, and only know about those "Best of all Time" games. However these few people I know don't play video games often, play only a couple genres (FPS, Racing, and Action Adventure), don't know what any games are except for the mega hyped, and don't keep up with what games are coming out.

These guys are for sure casual gamers, and they are good at the handful of games that they play.

You're arguement is flawed.

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They can be, but it does nt automatically mean you are. Just because you are a Nintendo gamer.

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