Do you consider Nintendo gamers core gamers?

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Do you consider Nintendo gamers core gamers?

yes 232 68.44%
no 92 27.14%
yes....im afraid of the butt kicking.... 15 4.42%

Just keep in mind if you say no I will come and kick your butt



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If they do than I do. It's a broad question.


The ones heavy into stuff like Mario, Smash, Metroid and Zelda? Absolutely. The grandparents who bought a Wii to play Wii Bowling? Not really.

Both are "Nintendo gamers," but that's a wide net to cast. There are distinct subsets, even if they do overlap.

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Core gaming has no single definition, as it means many things to many different people, thus it is an impossible question to answer. It would be best to ask Nintendo gamers though, since they're the ones playing Nintendo games.

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Not all Nintendo gamers are core gamers.

But majority of core gamers are Nintendo gamers or have been at least once in their lifetime.


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Core gamers? Hah! We are the ultra omega super core.


Now come at me!

The system makes no difference. Core, when you get down to it, is just a word for people who hold gaming as a continuing and important hobby. Demographics will tells us who the most common representatives are but you can still have a 80 year old grandmother as a core gamer.

I've posted this before, but Microsoft breaks down Xbox customers into Family Timer, Dabbler, Connected, and Core. The "requirements" for their interpretation are pretty light.

We are THE core gamers.




I'm sorry but i consider the title of this thread is disrespectful.