Forums - Sony Discussion - what exactly is granting PS4 a better future than Vita ?

because so far I am not convinced it will perform otherwise.  Almost Everything they've shown and talked sounds just like the same PR and content they have promoted the vita with.

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Third party support that is real.

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Because it's a home console and it will get a ton of 3rd party support. Also, Sony's home consoles sell better than their handhelds.

PS4 is a home console= Sony always does great!

Vita is a Handheld= Bad mix with smartphones/etc

The Vita will have a wonderful future, just like the PS4. Do you know why? Because Cross-Play.

... If the PS4's support will be as OK as it was when announced, then I can see it doing Average - Good. If this support drops off and Sony decides to go the PS3 route, then the PS4 won't be doing all too well.

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What is granting Wii U a better future than GC?
What is granting Nextbox a better future than original xbox?

Answer: Nothing there is absolutely no garante for anything regarding any system

RolStoppable said:
Third party support that is real.

No, look, I don't care what--


Okay, yeah, that's true.  Sorry.

Plus probably like 6-8x the amount of first party titles as the Vita.

Great console, great hardware, powerful, easy to develop for, less expensive than PS3 at Launch, 12 1st party devs developing for it, almost all 3rd party devs already working on it, all developers praising it.  Anybody starting a thread like this is an idiot, for obvious reasons.  Sorry but true.

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RolStoppable said:
Third party support that is real.

That's all folks!

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a well established fan base and a well established level of 3rd party support.

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