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NintendoPie, you should choose

Marucha, because she need... 15 15.00%
Maris, because you wanna ... 11 11.00%
Scary4Eva, because she is a thrill seeker 3 3.00%
Badgenome, because he's ... 33 33.00%
2000cc, because she just ... 7 7.00%
Sal.Paradise, because KPOP KPOP KPOP 9 9.00%
Rutea7, because she is re... 2 2.00%
Chunli, because Chunli 9 9.00%
Hatmoza, because everyone... 11 11.00%

A Quest to Become NintendoPie's 1st VGC Girlfriend #1 began here...

ZoMGZoMG, NintendoPie defended me in the UnhappyShark thread of Doooooooooooom! It is love at long last as I have always waited for and pretended would happen!!!! ZoMGZoMG...         except I died in the last level from a deadly cold whoops.

Ninpie must have like a 10,000 mega muscles in his fingers to defend me with such honor and so nimbly. AahMG best previous timeline future husband ever! He can show me his Master Sword anytime.

Except I'm dead.

x 0^23428039482034 = dead






Who has the biggest chance to get to highest score with NintendoPie's Wiimote?





Or will it be someone else?....



VOTE NOW or forever you may hold your doom
Because Ninpie will have a Player2 and it won't be you.

Marucha, because she can totally draw dogs

Maris, because you know underneath that armor, there's a shy girl waiting for NintendoPie to take her out of her shell

Scary4Eva, because she scares all the time

Badgenome, because he is a hot sexy beast just lookin' to be someone's virtual pretty pretty princess

2000cc, because she's saving her last Limit Break for him

Sal.Paradise, because she been trying to seduce him with KPOP since the very beginning, that sneaky ....

Rutea7, because she can "do stuff to him with the move controller that he never dreamed of."

Chunli, because she probably looks the most like the chicks below so she should be here by default

Hatmoza, because you're just jealous










or Ninpie should be just stay single because two chicks

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HEY! I'm not shy... I'm just an ice queen... >_>

And I WILL have NintendoPie now that you're out of the picture!

The only other person I could see becoming a problem is badgenome... he's a pretty princess.

Part Deux.

You don't love NintendoPie enough, so you don't get my blessing.

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Its all about Badgenome......and Hatmoza!

Fight to the Death! *<(=^_^=)>*

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NinPie!!! I love NSMB (They're the best 2D Mario games EVAR!!!!!), Pikmin, Piplups, and long walks on Florida beaches. And K-Pop..


RolStoppable said:
Part Deux.

You don't love NintendoPie enough, so you don't get my blessing.

Deuce works too... but I like yours more, it has my favorite letter in it

What the heck is this? O_o

morenoingrato said:
What the heck is this? O_o

Sequel to the greatest love story on VGChartz *<(=^_^=)>*

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I've reported him 23 times now, which makes me wonder if that's like a virtual way of tugging on his pigtails. Perhaps I harbor feelings buried deep within my psyche. I'm scared. I feel anxious and fragile--though that might just be because of his avatar.

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morenoingrato said:
What the heck is this? O_o

Read Love Quest #1