Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Sony and Microsoft Core gamers only! Realistically, will you ever buy a Nintendo product again?

They just do not have the games you want. Is Zelda and possible F-Zero worth the purchase of an expensive Tablet that does half of the thing's an ipad20 does?


Why even lie to yourself anymore? I have seen college kids. The next Call of Duty is all they care about. I would not consider them "the core gamer", but that is another problem.

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Of course. I find Nintendo goes well with either of the two. I get the majority of my gaming from Sony machines and the rest from Nintendo. Nintendo has a lot of titles that I am interested in, including Smash Bros., Zelda, Pikmin, Metroid, etc. I don't see myself getting a Wii U this year though (unless there's a mega deal on Black Friday). I'm not impressed with the line up thus far, but whenever I do get one I plan to pick up Zelda WW HD, Pikmin 3, Bayonetta 2 and (big maybe) NSMB2. That aside, I'll probably get one that is either redesigned or around the time the new Smash or Zelda launch. I do intend to purchase a 3DS this year though - gotta catch em all! :D


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I havent been interested in a Nintendo product since N64, I recently played the demo of the new WiiU Mario game and while the colors and graphics were better than the last time I played a Mario game is was basically the same game I was underwhelmed to say the least. I really like Bayonetta but I wont buy a console just for Bayo 2.

Before launch of WiiU it seemed like N would get more third party support but with Rayman going multiplat, Aliens sucking and being cancelled I dont really see, what they will come out with I will be interested in.

I'm a "college kid", and I still buy Nintendo products. They have games I like, end of story.

No third party support
No new AAA Ip
Nothing new on the system the ps3/360 cannot do

All of this means no WIIU for me. The only way i could see it happening is if the new smash game just happens to be the best fighter ever made with a competitive online mode and tournament support. Im interested in very few games like bayo2 and "X" but those aren't making me buy a system anytime soon.

If they go with pokemon MMO though, ill buy like 10 systems.

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Oh there's one other problem I forgot to mention with respect to the Wii U. I have around 20 good friends who consider themselves 'core' gamers. They either play PS3, 360 or PC. I've been cut off from the majority of them since most decided to go the Xbox route this gen. However, after enduring those periods of drought on the 360 the great majority have come to the conclusion that having more than one machine is probably best, so we decided to have gaming diversity next gen. Now for my problem. The majority of these guys were so burnt by the Wii that they have NO INTENTION to buy a Wii U at all. With the exception of one person, they plan to get PS4 and the next Xbox and/or PC. I have only one friend who is interested in the Wii U so already it is looking like a solitary system for me. :/ And that sux when you have games like Smash Bros. So it is my hope Nintendo will work hard to try and convince the 'core' gamer to adopt their system.


Playstation = The Beast from the East

Sony + Nintendo = WIN! PS3 + PSV + PS4 + Wii U + 3DS

Yes. I will be buying a Wii-U and a 3DS XL.

3DS XL this year and I predict I'll have a 65% first party and 35% third party ratio.

Wii-U sometime in the next two or three years and I'll have 95% first party and 5% third party ratio - unless something happens and they get better third party support and I dont mean Monster hunter (l0l).

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Since Sony and Microsoft share the majority of their games, the Wii U probably has the inside track on being a second console if I ever get one. It definitely needs more games, though. If it builds a nice RPG collection then it will be on my radar. Its plethora of Mario and platformer titles do nothing for me, though, so it's up to Zelda and the secondary brands to entice me.

I've never had an Nintendo product before DS. I fell into the hype and ended up buying it. I have never felt such a buyers remorse after buying something. It was so bad, and I really mean it, it still hurts. Considering that I've only paid 100$ for it, you can see my pain.

Long story short, l'll steer clear of anything that has a Nintendo logo on top of it. No matter what people say about it.

Well, I have a wii u and can't wait for the HD zelda, 3d mario, and the new xenoblade or whatever it will be called. Oh and the wind waker remake, pikman 3, and maybe wonderful 101