Forums - Nintendo Discussion - I just noticed people saying " This is the month of the WiiU"

Just because a few games come ut for it? All of a sudden it is the Month of the WiiU?


I will agree that this is the month of the 3DS, but 3 games that will only have decent sales in the West does not equate to "the month of the WiiU".


Are Nintendo gamers that desperate?


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MH3 is the biggest game to ever release in the US.

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Where? Source?

I don't see any problem in that, people can think whatever they want.

The only fact is that it won't be the month of the Wonderswan.

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If you were referring to my post, I was just joking around. 3 games instead of none though, you have to admit that's quite an improvement lol.

If Pikmin 3 isn't releasing this month, its not Wii U's Month lol

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It's the month of the Genesis actually.



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it's the month we finally get some worthwhile releases

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Pavolink said:
Where? Source?


Don't just state that people are saying this without providing links to what you're claiming.