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Ever since I heard about that superman movie I've been obsessed with this guy. The carisma, the looks, the talent. That gaze that says "Im staring at you as if you were a chair."

What is it about this magnificant man.... Please put all nicholas cage pics/gifs/media in this thread. It's the LEAST we can do for him. After all... he's done so much for us. (I wonder if netflix has wickerman....)

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If you haven't watched Con Air it needs watching

I like him as an actor. I think his choice of movies has been bad lately though.


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His best is the one where he thinks he's becoming a vampire.

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This is the man.

In all seriousness though, he actually went broke in I believe 2009. I'm not sure if he got scammed via Berny Madoff or just somehow lost it...but he was broke. Kind of crazy.

He has money now though, he's just been bangin out film after film lol.

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This explains alot