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Whenever the Wii's best lookers are discussed, it comes down to games like Mario Galaxy 1 & 2, Kirby's Epic Yarn, and Muramasa. These are beautiful games that deserve such accolades, but what about the few games that actually made an effort to attempt realism despite the system's limitations?

What game do you think did the best job of creating realistic graphics on the Wii?

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Off the top of my head, Monster Hunter, The Conduit, Xenoblade. There are more but I can't think of them.

Sonic Unleashed

Resident Evil The Darkside Chronicles

Silent Hill did some cool things on the Wii.



Goldeneye looked pretty good at times.


Cursed Mountain also had some really nice looking locations.


Endless Ocean

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resident evil 4 by far, no competition.

Silent Hill Shattered Memories, easily.

ninjablade said:

4 days.

@OP Silent Hill.

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Otakumegane said:
ninjablade said:

4 days.

@OP Silent Hill.

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I'm gonna be a rebel, and go ahead and point out that the first Conduit, while by no means a GREAT game, was actually very good looking on Wii. It's problem was not bad graphics, but rather "bland" art style or whatever. From a technical standpoint, High Voltage's engine managed to get some really nice "next gen" effects running on Wii hardware. The potential was there, not just for the graphics, but for the game itself, and it had a lot of nice touches, like being able to catch snippets of background storyline on radios that would randomly be playing throughout the trashed D.C. setting. I really dug the "X-Files" type vibe, a nice change from "armored space marine" crap. And honestly, the game had good graphics, good multiplayer, really good motion control setup. It's biggest flaw, and the reason I myself sold my copy to a friend, is because the level missions had too much repetition in them. The All Seeing Eye functionality was cool, some of the weapons were unique, etc.......but it wound up seeming like you were doing the same shit in a lot of levels.

I'd have rather it just been a simple run and gun "destroy all the enemies" game like Serious Sam. Instead it had too many missions. It just got monotonous. But as far as the game's potential, it was nice. They COULD have taken that and ran with it in Conduit 2, pushed that direction further, kept the serious tone but improved the story, refined the graphics engine, made the levels/missions a lot more varied and interesting, etc. Instead, they copped out, slapped the hero in a ridiculous generic "space marine" type armor, got the fucking Duke Nukem guy to do his voice, and slapped a VERY forced and out of nowhere sense of humor on the game........none of it fit, and it all seemed done purposely in a desperate attempt to try and get fans of OTHER FPS series to like it. Instead of building on what they'd already started, which was perfectly fine, and most importantly, DIFFERENT.

But oh well. Another FPS that deserves a shout out is actually a case of the opposite happening. Red Steel 2. It's not PHOTO-realism, but where the first Red Steel tried to be super realistic and gritty and all that nonsense, Red Steel 2 went for a Mad Max type appeal, with some samurai thrown in, and it was actually a very nice game.

And naturally, the Endless Ocean games, especially 2, were very pretty. It would be nice to see a third on Wii U, kind of like how I want to see an HD Wave Race.