an interesting thing about SMB(pretty mind blowing for me)

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Hahaha I never noticed that. Quite ingenious on their part but so easy to recognize once its pointed out.

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Never knew that! That game is still hella fun to play. I get aggrivated that I forget where most of the special stuff is, and I can't seem to get the 100 extra men trick timing down anymore, but I still play it on the Wii at least once a month.

Clever re-use of a tile. Considering that the original SMB weighed in at a measly 40kb, they HAD to use tricks to get it to fit.

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Back in the times when memory was scarce, tricks like that were precious. A university fellow student of mine programmed games for C64 and knew a lot of tricks like that, so when we did together the project for the CG exam, we did a fractal landscape generator and did the clouds mapping differently the same fractal we used to do the mountains... We were working on MS-DOS, so the first 640k were precious, as although 10 times the C64's memory, for a much higher resolution, True Colour, SW only shading geometric transformations and lighting (our code, as we had to show we learned the course main topics) they were still quite scarce. I deeply hate DOS since then, as only thesis works had additional budgets, so we didn't have even a DOS extender and towards the end, adding some features and increasing the resolution, we were forced to remove or simplify some other features due to memory limits and we had also to write a lot of code to move data to and from XMS, so we wasted a lot of time and efforts for things absolutely unrelated to the course and that slowed the program too.

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Lazy Designers?? It took more then 20 years for some of us to realize it, so I think it was a pretty damned convincing bush/cloud.




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lmao, thats awesome!

I never knew that

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That's amazing! XD

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