1+2=3 . But what whith this?

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40,722 47,806 17,662 130,036

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I don't get it.


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NA + Europe + Japan = World ? no, there are a bunch of other continents, you know

if 2+2=4

that means there is no free will :*(

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It's called "Rest Of World". You believe the entire world consists of the USA, UK, Germany, France and Japan, then? Because that's what those first three numbers represent (maybe some other EU countries as well). But what about Australia? Brazil?

That's what is added into the last number and why it's always higher. Prime example is the PSP.


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Lafiel said:
NA + Europe + Japan = World ? no, there are a bunch of other continents, you know

i know but why is add whith ps3 not the others

Does Samus not care that she has a metroid attached to her head?

gentii said:


1+2 = 9, for sufficiently large values of 2.


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