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Some of you may have seen my previous thread about the large lineups in Akihabara for the new price dropped Vita. Well, more good news for the Vita, as stores in Shinjuku are reporting sellouts of stock within an hour of opening their doors, as reported by InsideGames (Japanese). It seems the official price cut at major retailers is pushing large sales for the system already, especially the Sapphire Blue and Cosmic Red color versions, as well as the new Ice Silver.

Twitter trends have also seen "Vita" as well as today's released games "(Senran) Kagura" and "PSO2" skyrocket into the top 10. Store display events featuring playable demos of One Piece Pirate Warriors 2, Oboro Muramasa, Senran Kagura, and Soul Sacrifice were crowded with both players and curious onlookers. There hasn't been this much excitement over the system since it launched over a year ago.

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Jesus Christ FINALLY.

Now all it needs is for this Japan support to trickle down. Nintendopie  Was obviously right and I was obviously wrong. I will forever be a lesser being than them. (6/16/13)

Looks like the Vita is gaining some strength, good to see :)


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Well it's to be expected after a price drop lets celebrate if the sales stay at a high level in Japan.

Oh and why does Japan get all the cool colors while US and Europe only get Silver and Black?

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It haz no gaaaaaames!!

Hopefully this trend continues. If so in addition to the Vita finally getting some sales, Sony might make a price cut outside of Japan too.

I like the sound of that.

I'd love for us gaijin to get a price cut, too, though. Whatever effect this has on development for the Vita in Japan is likely to produce a ton of games we may never see here. *sigh*

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UnitSmiley said:
Hopefully this trend continues. If so in addition to the Vita finally getting some sales, Sony might make a price cut outside of Japan too.

Sony's vita strategy for Japan and the West are clearly shifting, with all sony's first parties making games for the PS4 (with 90%ish of their studios western), and major retailors not pulling it off store shelves, it appears to me that are going to cut the price close to the PS4's launch and market it as the device to play remotely.  Japan's strategy is go get the 2nd tier third parties to get on board and some primary first parties (Sega and Namco so far). Its spring lineup look alright and hopefully the platorm with its price close to the XL and more established Japanese 3rd parties on board will move it forward.

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Is it really news that there hasn't been this much excitement since launch for Vita? I mean, this is the first price drop, and there have been no big game releases. It would be very scary if this didn't cause the most excitement since launch.