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Horay 11 64.71%
Hip Hip 1 5.88%
Fiddle Dee 1 5.88%
I Love You <3 4 23.53%

Yo add me to the list and lets get this show on the road .

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ishiki said:


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We are few in number!  But what we lack in volume we make up in graphics!

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I also vote Zarx for the leader as for the longest time he was pretty much the only one keeping the PC forums alive with new news and that
Vote Zarx

sethnintendo said:
Who was the first to start using that PC master race pic?

If you're referring to this forum then I don't know, but I can tell you that it comes from one of Yahtzee's Zero Punctiation reviews.


Also, I nominate CGI-Quality.

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I love CGI and everything so i hope he doesnt take this the wrong way. But why is people keep picking him over Zarx?? dont people know CGI is only new to the PC scene?? Zarx has been here fighting the good fight for years now!!!

think-man said:

Dont worry now that im here this thread will grow to be as big if not bigger then the other 2 xD

Can I be part of the Laptop master race? .

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lestatdark said:
Can I be part of the Laptop master race? .

Yes Laptop is still a Pc so come on in xD