Third party Nintendo Direct for 3DS tomorrow!

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Otakumegane said:
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Otakumegane said:
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Wow these are getting faster and faster. 3rd Party games...So I'm sure we'll see the new Castlevania. Most likely we'll see Dragon Quest VII maybe. Not sure what else to expect. But I can't wait to see!

This is a JPN-only Direct so only stuff pertaining to Japan will be there (and hopefully we get localizations at a later time). DQ VII was already released so that won't be there.

ah! I missed that it was Japan only. Slightly disappointed now to be honest. :|

I'm more excited.

Japan only means "new" games.  A lot of times with NOA we spend over half the time hearing about games that are just being localized.  

We got 0% of our JRPG fix with Sony tonight, lets hope that is changed tomorrow morning with Nintendo.

90% of them won't be localized. Sad.

3DS is pretty good on localization.  Most 3DS games are available in most regions are they not?

90% of JRPGs won't be localized.

on minor games maybe, 90%? They bring games over, just late sometimes

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tbone51 said:
BasilZero said:

That is 8 hrs from now!

good news for you huh (sony+nintendo gamer)

Sony+Nintendo+PC gamer ;p

Hopefully a Microsoft gamer in the future as well though technically am through the PC version of Fable.


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Should be starting soon

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It has begun

I'm on Twitter @DanneSandin!

Furthermore, I think VGChartz should add a "Like"-button.

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Is this a 3DS version of Tomodachi?

Edit: Tomodachi Collection debuts in Japan on April 18.

zelda for VC

DAT MH 4 footage.

Shakarak on Nintendo Switch, Steam.

It will probably be a while before we get this in the US :(

Otakumegane said:

90% of JRPGs won't be localized.

Let's not exaggerate here. The most notable 3DS RPGs not being localized are Bravely Default and DQ VII and I expect both to come over.