I jizzed. Did you?

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Did you jizz?

Yes 16 55.17%
Yes 0 0.00%
Yes 1 3.45%
Yes 2 6.90%
Yes 1 3.45%
Yo Mamma. 9 31.03%
badgenome said:
Not even a little.

Basically translates to: Buckets.


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Nah wasn't that exciting.

I kinda did, they convinced me the brand is strong as ever. They'll be ok. Sales won't explode, but they will gain a bit of headway in the states and overall will be the winner of gen 8's HD race. The head start doesn't hurt either.

5/10 conference.

Ports and shitty first party games?

No thanks.

Capcom had a good game and so did Ubisoft, but that game was shown a year ago

yes, it was bad ass.

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Turkish said:

Spoken like a true Playstation fanboy.

I am not even one but I'm just amazed how all these people are dissing the conference. The PS4 was just amazing. I can't even tell whether the games are games or real. Its all photorealistic.


limp as a noodle

Yes at PS4, then again at "8GB ram".

about 17 times. 11 of them during that killzone demo.