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WiiU is the top one, right? That's not too bad actually...


Here lies the dearly departed Nintendomination Thread.

I've just posted on another thread that I might buy this. Things are looking good for Criterion.

I'll be sure to check out the WiiU demo whenever it hits the eShop to help me decide.

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1- lets wait for the final product and reviews.
2- 14 FPS confirmed?


Edit: but IF its true, and the game will look far superior on the WiiU and it will have a stabil framerate, lets hope that the sales will be there, and that more companies will try to imitate Criterion

If that is representative of the actual difference between the two games then colour me at least moderately impressed. My reservations are; the screen shots are from two different sources, there are only two of them and they do seem to be a different times of the day.

It seems on the face of it that Criterion has done the right thing development-wise and is now doing the right thing promotion-wise.

Unless it all falls apart with the reviews, I'm on board.

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It's interesting to note that in this case nobody even mentions EA.

if this game looked worse on the Wii U everyone would be hating on them right now.

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B-b-b-b-but... Wii U isn't as powerful as xbox!? whuaaawhuaaawhuaaaa

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Wow, that's actually a dramatic difference and more than I would expect from a port. I guess they used the PC version. It truly looks like a "generational leap" as people like to say. In the second set, the WiiU version almost looks like a photograph.

well, if the demo will be ok i can buy it...

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GameSpot has better graphics than IGN confirmed!