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Solid-Stark said:
BasilZero said:
Solid-Stark said:

Pff I dont know how to double quote :p

I have the latest version however it refuses to fullscreen. Nothing but errors and crashes. >:(  I know it's not my PC, its more than adequate. I did some searching, and appearantly it's because my monitor doesn't support the native ratio settings required for fullscreen. (its the PS 3D display btw)

Yes, it was the cutscenes. But it was for the best then, but I didn't mean it like it makes the capture ugly or anything like that. It all looks well done.

I've been thinking of getting Black 2, but dem Pocket Monsters look weird now. This is the first gen that has completely turned me off :S

I quoted you twice and copy and pasted one quote onto the other post with the other quote lol.

Awws that is odd, never heard of that issue before o.O.

Yeah its unfortunate on why the cutscenes look like that - thankfully that only happens on two games though....Kingdom Hearts 1  and God of War 1  o.O.

Awws well at least you can still watch my videos XD!

I'm getting near the end - just need to capture two more legendaries, finish the rest of the white forest place and compete in the World Tournaments ;p.

Yup, and it took me forever to find relevant info regarding my problem. But oh well. Haha will do!

Im actually doing a casual vintage playthrough of my old Pokemon games right now. Im playing Emerald on my Micro, and Silver, Yellow and Crystal on my old Color. Still very enjoyable. Although I'll have to replay them on Visual Boy Advanced at some point.

Edit: Ill probably do a "my setup" vid to show off XD

Holy! You are playing two games xD!

I'm getting a headache playing one ;p

Anyways I pretty much finished the game - now all there is to do is the optional PWT ;o


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2/27/2013 Update

Bastion (PC) Playthrough - Part 20: http://youtu.be/REAdsU2QIoA


As for my channel, here's a list of what I'm currently doing, will do, and what I've done:

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Bastion (PC) Playthrough

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Snapshot (PC) Playthrough

Dark Souls: PTDE (PC) LP

And many more!


Like I stated before, I don't have much going on now, but once I get some more spare time, I will begin working on everything a bit more seriously. Anyways, thanks and enjoy!


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