Forums - NSFW Discussion - Males and Females of vgchartz: Have you ever wanted to be with someone of a different race, nationality, or body type than you?

The question is in the title.

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Yes. I thought everyone has done this once or twice already!

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I already have


Been dating an Asian girl for 4 years, and I'm caucasian. Tried white girls before, not my cup of tea.


Different Blood Type? Wha???? You crazy

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Already have. It's not much different.

Well, yes.

Also, what the hell does body type mean? Of course I've liked people with different body types! Girls got boobs.


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i'm attracted to every culture of women but black. there have been occasions where the latter wouldn't apply, but i'd prefer not to date black women.

the word race complicates things so i don't use it.

Been there done that

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Not sure about body type

but Race/Nationality yes however wont happen to me ;(