What crazy features will the next DS have?

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We know that nintendo is gonna ship the new DS once sales dwindle, what added features do you think it will have?

My guesses:

- Wider top screen.

- Top screen is also a touch screen.

- Rumble is added (maybe)

- Accelerometer is added

- GBA slot is removed

- Maybe some internal flash memory

- Maybe a SD card slot.

- Stylus can separate in half, allowing drum gameplay. :D 

- Both touch screens can pick up more than one signal (meaning you can touch in several places)

- WiFi capabilities are upgraded

- Graphics are improved to near gamecube level.

- Will be able to interact with the Wii or Wii 2.

- Probably some new crazy feature that even I can't think of . Like shocking the players when they take damage with a small jolt,  or change the temperature of the ds to hot and cold. Or maybe putting a touch screen on the outside of some bizarre reason. Or, dare I say it, some new babysitting feature where your parents have complete control and access to what your playing. I dunno, nintendo is crazy like that. Thier like fruit roll-ups, Youll never know what they will think up next.

Ok im out of ideas. What do you guys think it will have?

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i think a multi-touch screen like iphone/itouch has is a good candidate
i think accelerometer is a good candidate; tilt ds2 to steer car, marble, monkey ball, etc
internal flash memory and sd slot are also good candidates

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A 3D screen without the aid of glasses. Then I would buy one. Imagine playing Zelda in 3D.



Am I the only one who isn't hoping for a next DS?


I want a new GameBoy I like the DS but even today so absolutely no reason for two screens. I would much rather have a single PSP sized touch screen and PSP style graphics or better. 

Give me a handheld GameCube with touch screen capabilities , MP3 playback and some movie content to download and I will be set my ideal next gen GameBoy will have!

-An HD-Touch Screen about the size of the PSP

-1 or 2 gig of internal memory 

-use Flash cards for DS play (Flip console side ways to play dual screen games

-MP3 and MPEG playback

-An actual analog stick like the GameCube's not the crap Sony gave PSP gamers

- 128-Bit graphics or better

- A sleak GameBoy Advance style design PSP is too Ipod! 

- No more friend codes required for almost everything, a revamped Wifi network

- Nintendo Channels on it, Some Virtual Console , weather network ...etc...etc.. for gamers on the go!


Fact is the DS was supposed to be the revolutionary portable console. But as revolutionary as it was the dual screens aren't neccessary. Today I play DS mostly at home and most games only use one of the screens anyways with the second screen used for menu's and such I see no reason for the dual screens.


Gimme a kick as touch screened GameBoy:Evolution, no more dual screens. I love my DS and PSP has shit for games but Nintendo power may not be everything but it sure makes games better! 


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I've posted this in another thread already, but here's my predictions:

-One large touchscreen, oriented horizontally, that can rotate into a vertical position

-1 GB of internal Flash memory for demos and VC games

-Graphical capability of about the Gamecube

-Full DS backwards compatibility in the "vertical" position

-SD card slot

-A "virtual analog stick" (tiny touchscreen on the game pad that players use a thumb-stylus attachment to "move")

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I think it will have a built-in web broswer and rumble (both vastly improved over current ones), doubling of battery life, higher resolution screens, improved sound and i think motion sensor ala warioware twisted as well. I would love that. I dream about this sort of thing all night long. To say I am obssessed with DS is a huge understatement.



what i think is it will have external memory but any other one i dont know

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I think it should be able to talk as well - proper conversations. just like K.I.T.T



The new nintendo handheld might be a /phone too.

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