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weezy said:
Legend11 said:
Another useless thread.

ROFL legend....


you are so emo!

He's just mad because he thinks that Nintendo stole all the other letters from his box of Cheerios and left him with just the O's.

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Great. Maybe Nintendo can pay our taxes now

In other news, they have the Internet or computers now.

So why did they call it the 360?because when you see it, you'll turn 360 degrees and walk away- some guy on Gamespot

These threads are giving the site a bad reputation, 70% of the people on gametrailers(over 2k) think vgchartz is a nintendo fanboy site. I say this because I care guys, STOP MAKING NINTenDO IS THE KING FTW THREADS


 2008 end of year predictions:

PS3: 22M

360: 25M

wii: 40M

settle down zach blue

Nintendo is the king

I am WEEzY. You can suck my Nintendo loving BALLS!



weezy said:
Legend11 said:
Another useless thread.

ROFL legend....


you are so emo!

 Like this?


Satan said:

"You are for ever angry, all you care about is intelligence, but I repeat again that I would give away all this superstellar life, all the ranks and honours, simply to be transformed into the soul of a merchant's wife weighing eighteen stone and set candles at God's shrine."

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This is borderline spam and in any case should be in the Nintendo forum, or (even better) the Off-Topic forum.

@zackblue Nintendo rules and we enjoy the moment as long as it lasts, it´s been a while so let us enjoy it

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Is marijuana the best medicine?

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