Forums - Sales Discussion - Has DS passed PS2 yet?

If not, will it do so soon?

I'm usually not that interested in these kind of things, but I want to the take the opportunity  to mock pezus.

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If it did Nintendo would be the first to tell us.

This site hasn't tracked PS2 in quite awhile I'm guessing it finished around 160 million. Considering in Japan it was outselling DS by the end we should expect a DS discontinuation soon.

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No, and it never will.

More than likely.

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it will eventually...or not, figures arent really reliable so who knows...

TheBardsSong said:
More than likely.

DS is at 153.67M as of 31 dec 2012

PS2 was at +153.60M as of 31 dec 2011



So unless PS2 sold nothing for the past year, then yes DS outshipped PS2.


It will after more moms try to buy a 3DS for their kid's birthday.

Before the PS3 everyone was nice to me :(

never will

The gap should be +3M right now, PS2 sold more than 3M last year.