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How dare they try and make a profit.

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The animation was so bad that the the video was genuinely terrifying lol.

So that's what uncanny valley is all about.

Was that from Steam's program (I forget the name) or Garry's Mod? o.o

Well made xD.

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ToraReaper said:
The animation was so bad that the the video was genuinely terrifying lol.

This isn't an animation lol. It's Garry's mod.

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I don't get why people don't invest if they feel these companies make too much money. I enjoy their games as they are mostly good. Not everyone is going to go the Valve route of providing value.

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They should add ubisoft in there too.

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Unlike the obvious EA employees commenting on this.... I thought it was a 100% spot on video on EA. Great find OP!!! ^___^

Rated A for blasphemy LOL

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Really this one applies to all third parties. Some few of them do have sound strategies, but most third parties are going to be in for a rude awakening sometime soon.

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