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Ever since the Wii U was released people from all over have been complaining about the console from the graphics, to the games, to the load time ect... People need to stop complaining about the dam console and just enjoy it. Yes the Wii U has its problems but so will all new consoles when released. Just enjoy it and stop complaining.

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I don't own one. What if watching people complain about the Wii U is how I enjoy it?

This is a bad idea, IMO.

you actually think the people who complain about the WiiU actually own one?

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A) no.

B) payback is a bitch ain't it.

How about no? Why should people ignore its problems and pretend all's well?

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I think anybody who owns one has every right to complain about it.

OP has too much #swag

Topic: People wouldn't complain about it if there were more games. It had a weak launch but nothing to really worry about. The Ps3 launch's lineup was terrible outside of Resistance. What did the 360 have at launch besides COD 2? Kameo elements of power? LOL

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Enjoying it right now, and have been since launch. However, its important to not gloss over its faults. Nintendo is botching just about everything with this launch (Software drought/Lack of advertising/High price for the average family). Thing will get better in time though.

This happens to all new game systems, did people forget the Vita?

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Give me games first... maybe after I can enjoy it.