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Does anyone think Nintendogs has a shot at catching Red version? I hope not, but it almost has 20 million :o

 P.S. Was it ever bundled?

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I was about to say TP has been overtracked a bit.... but the million selling software page is supposed to be shipments (at least it still says that) so they should all be 2-3 weeks worth or shipment more than what Nintendo has.

either that or ioi decided to use sales now he is more accurate (but forgot to change the word shipment)

I'm surprised nobody talked about these.



New Fire Emblem DS, Mario Baseball Wii, Disaster + Animal Crossing + Kirby Wii all in 2008 for Japan, cool.

Please update your worldwide software shipments, ioi. :P

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DKII said:
New Fire Emblem DS, Mario Baseball Wii, Disaster + Animal Crossing + Kirby Wii all in 2008 for Japan, cool.

Holy Crap. Animal Crossing and Kirby confirmed! This is the first that Nintendo has hinted they would arrive this year. 

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I had heard there would be not kirby on Wii... Well in that case, YA!!

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Does a mod fancy putting this up as a news item?

Thanks - and great correlation with our figures again.

Bump for those who missed it, and a reminder for mods to post it in the news section.

wow nintendogs nearing 18 mil and links crossbow training has passed 1 mil i think ioi needs to update the europeans numbers

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