How regulary are you using your WiiU?

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I beat Nintyland, so I don't play it anymore. I do watch a little anime on it though.
Earliest I start using it again is when MH3U comes out.

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ive spent more time on wiiu already than i did for the 4y+ i owned a wii.

miiverse is spectacular, i also use it as a netbox

...not much time to post on here anymore, used to be some good ol times on VGchartz...

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Skeeuk said:

ive spent more time on wiiu already than i did for the 4y+ i owned a wii.

miiverse is spectacular, i also use it as a netbox

o.O How is that even possible? What games did you play on the Wii?

Its the reason I can't post here so often anymore. I haven't completely finished a single game because I was given so much choice.

One more thing to complete my year = senran kagura localization =D

I nearly use it daily, as work allows. Playing mostly ZombiU, TheCave, Trine2 and Zen Pinball recently. Also I look daily into Miiverse.
But some time goes into Wii for Xenoblade. I hate the Wii-mode on the WiiU, so I use the Wii instead.

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Mario, CoD, and AC3 keep me busy.

A lot, but right now i am playing Virtue's Last Reward on the 3DS

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School getting in the way of things.

Nearly done with NSMBU (then its coins and boost mode challenges)

Still got a lot to do on Nintendo Land (I suck at some of the games)

Only a couple of hours into ZombiU

Halfway point in Batman (Started on hard, debating if I will do Plus Mode)

Trine 2 looks to be almost done

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Probably once every two days, when I can't hold it in any longer and I have some privacy

Not often at all, due to two reasons--
1) My gaming time has been taken up with Far Cry 3
2) There isn't much new on it, especially anything that I can play exclusively on the gamepad.

Any time I'm sitting on the couch with The Wife and would play something like the WiiU where I can just use the gamepad, I'm playing the 3DS (which I really don't like, I wish I could find my DS version) and Game Boy versions on Tetris on my 3DS.