what controller option will you be playing the most with Brawl?

Forums - Nintendo Discussion - what controller option will you be playing the most with Brawl?

Gamecube, keep it classic.

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Gamecube, all of the other methods seem awkward.

i'm definitely going to give the wiimote and wiimote +nunchuck configurations a try but if i don't like them i'll pull out my CG controller.

Wiimote or Wiimote + Nunchuk

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Any but GC, don't get me wrong, I loved the GameCube's controller, but the way I see it, I'd like to gice Brawl that new feeling you get with sequels on new consoles.

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Wiimote+Nunchuck (often as possible)

Wiimote alone (so I'm ready to jump into a quick pickup game)

Gamecube controller (only a few times here and there, for nostalgia)

Classical controller (I will gnaw off my own hands before touching that damn thing)

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classic controller or gamecube most likely. Its a fighter and it should be played as such.

I might give the wiiremote a shot tho who knows :P

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Just wii-mote w/ my friends (they're not very good)
Other then that, definatly GC

I'll try all the control schemes, but I'll probably stick to the Gamecube controller.

I will be using the GC controller for sure.