What PSP game(s) should I get?

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I'm going away on a trip so I want to get at least 1 game for the PSP for the plane ride. Right now I'm thinking either:

- Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror

- Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops

- One of the Grand Theft Auto games


what do you guys think?


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get metal gear solid portable ops

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Get GtA Liberty City, the best

Jeanne D'Arc. Also, HSG is great.

all right cool. I think I might get GTA and MGS: PO

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Metal Gear Solid

Monster Hunter Freedom 2 is also good.
And power stone collection

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Get a GTA game.

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if you love tennis then virtua tennis 3
or get neeed for speed own the city
Metal gear solid is cool too

Vice City Stories, it should last you quite a long time.
Other PSP games that I would recommend are Pursuit Force and WipEout Pulse

Also, if ur looking at Syphon filter, it's probably best to get Logan's Shadow. It's a similar game, but with the creases ironed and some good extra touches

The PSP has some great megaman games on it. If I were you, I would play those. You get to play as Sigma in the X remake, which is really cool.

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