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Assassin's Creed (360/ps3) $40.99

Lair (ps3) $36.99


Lair just keeps getting lower. Being a cheap gamer i'm kind of mad I bought it at $41 instead of $37 lol.

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WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2008 (ps3/360) $30


Enemy Territory: Quake Wars (PC) for only £6.96!!!!!!!


The Best Tactical Shooter of 2007, better multiplayer than COD4 and TF2!

Anyone who loves team-based tactical shooters MUST have this game!

just saw assassin's creed for $39.99 (360)
but it's $49.99 for PS3. Go figure.

Naruto for 360 is now only $25.
Burnout Paradise is back on top 25 for last couple of days. The price is the same - I think you get free download with the game.

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NFL Tour for 360 is only $14.99
but $29.99 for PS3.
Why is that?

Turok (ps3/360) $45

DBZ: BT3 (wii/ps2) $32

God of War 2 (ps2) $20

The Simpsons Game (ps3/360) $30

Guitar Hero 3: Wii - 74.99

360 Wireless Network Adapter - 77.99

No More Heroes Wii - 33.99 

Guitar Hero 3: 360 - 84.99 

60GB 360 W/GTAIV PRE-ORDER - 249.99!!!!