Which Feb/March Playstation Vita Titles Are You Getting?

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With Games as Sly Cooper and Soul Sacrafice (Japan, NoA is in Apr followed by Europe) which Titles will you be purchasing?

Here is a list of games coming (some only in one region)

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if i missed any list the game, i'll add a pic!

I'd get DoA5, but I currently don't earn enough money to be able to afford a 3DS AND a Vita. Too many good games on both systems -_-

Whatever I'm given for free on PS+ lol.

Persona 4 Golden. EUROPE POWER!

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Of the listed titles I'm only interested in

-Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus 2
-Sly Cooper Thieves in Time
-Dead or Alive 5 Plus


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Definitely getting Sly Cooper day 1. Other games that are already released that I plan on getting during the next 2 months would be Sonic All-stars Racing Transformed, Ratchet and Clank: FFA, and maybe Oddworld Strangers Wrath.

Also didn't the developers of Oddworld say they were releasing some games in feb/mar?

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Persona 4 golden :D
and sly cooper, what I will get for free with my ps3 purchase :)
And then ofc ps+ stuff

I want both Sly Cooper and Soul Sacrifice. What I'll actually buy depends on my financial situation, however. I still need to get P4G but it doesn't look like it will drop in price anytime soon. After that, I definitely want KZ: Mercs, it's at the top of my list right now.

I will have enough to play with my backlog of games I already have and PS+...
But I want to buy at least one of those:
Soul Sacrifice
Sly Cooper
Persona 4 Golden

PS: I´ve never played a Monster Hunter like game before. I´ve never played a Sly Cooper game before and I´ve never played a Persona game before....