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Which Legend of Zelda character in Smash Ultimate is most exciting?

Link 3 33.33%
Young Link 2 22.22%
Toon Link 0 0.00%
Zelda 1 11.11%
Sheik 1 11.11%
Ganondorf 2 22.22%

Kotaku Ranks the Zelda Games, from Worst to Best: http://kotaku.com/the-legend-of-zelda-games-ranked-from-worst-to-best-1792136643

Agree? Disagree?


15) Tri Force Heroes

14) Zelda 2: Adventure of Link

13) The Legend of Zelda

12) Phantom Hourglass

11) Spirit Tracks

10) Skyward Sword

9) Twilight Princess

8) The Minish Cap

7) Ocarina of Time

6) Link Between Worlds

5) Wind Waker

4) Majora’s Mask

3) Oracle of Ages/Seasons

2) Link’s Awakening

1) Link to the Past


Check the link for analysis!

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The NES Zelda games shouldn't be this low and the Oracle games shouldn't be this high. Four Swords Adventures isn't even on the list.

I don't care for more of a rant. It's Kotaku. The End.

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Well at least I agree on Link's Awakening at #2, Majora's Mask at #4 and Triforce Heroes dead last (which should be 18th actually because they omitted two Four Swords games and counted the Oracles as one but whatever).

Ocarina, Twilight, Spirit Tracks and the original Zelda too low, the Oracles, Minish Cap and Phantom Hourglass too high.

EDIT: And oh my hype for the Switch being at freezing temperatures had pulled my hype for Breath of the Wild down a bit, because that happens, like it also does the other way around; you can get more excited about something just because it's attached to something more exciting. But anyway, full hype's back for Breath of the Wild because I watched the three trailers again. The third is better than the second, the second better than the first. And they're all great. It's going to be great guys, just a couple more weeks!

The list isn't bad, though I would rate it pretty differently :p

I found Link's Awakening and Oracles (not completed yet though) fun, but I wouldn't rate them that high

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They could have given us an insight on how they would rank Breath of the Wild Anyhow Twilight Princess #9 = nothing to see there.

I wouldn't rate Oracle games and Awakening high, and I enjoyed a bit Triforce Heroes (more than Zelda 2 at least). Still, I saw worse lists XD

I've only played the 3D games and OOT is easily my favourite. Its pacing and music is something the others really struggle to match.

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