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You can get PS2 classics (just the last gen) for $10 besides San Andreas because Rocker thinks they are special. PS1 classics are $6 to $10. NES games should be 2-3$ and SNES 4-$5. These are near ancient games, sure it costs money to add in new controls but that's where the price comes in. Besides that they cost pretty much nothing to port. I guess this rules out any chance of me buying any classic games besides Metroid and the old Zeldas. Instead it's 4.99-$5.99 for NES games and 7.99-$8.99 for SNES games. That means besides a few of the rare $10 PS1 classics, SNES games are a few dollars more than most PS1 games on PSN! 

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The market will respond accordingly. If no one buys them, they'll lower the prices.

So if you want these games, it's your duty not to buy them.

What you don't realize is that Nintendo has the "nostalgia factor" that makes people buy their game anyways. Besides, those games go for a lottttt more on e-bay so i don't see a problem. Nintendopie  Was obviously right and I was obviously wrong. I will forever be a lesser being than them. (6/16/13)

It obvious people are paying for it at that price. And a lot of them are worth the money. Its a business decision for Nintendo to make. And since they are not reducing it is a profitable one. They don't reduce a price unless the demand isn't there.


Given how poorly most PS1 games have aged, I'd much rather play an SNES game any day. So, if anything, they're underpriced.

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I don't mind the prices honestly. I can find a lot more NES games worth the $5 than I can in PS1 titles personally. What I do mind is the crap "transfer fee" that they're making you pay if you already have the Wii VC version of a game.

Nintendo's whole VC is a ripoff.

Crap pricing, no account tied system, you have to pay a fee to download the same game you bought on Wii VC for Wii U VC, no ability to reassign buttons (which PSP/PS3/Vita allow), and painfully slow trod release schedule which now we'll have to start from scratch with on the Wii U.

3DS VC selection is pitiful as well, more than one year on.

The dumbest part is their back catalog should be a huge advantage that they have over Sony/MS, but the way they handle their VC is so anti-consumer that it turns just about everyone off from it. 

badgenome said:
Given how poorly most PS1 games have aged, I'd much rather play an SNES game any day. So, if anything, they're underpriced.

I was going to say this...

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Timeless classics like River City Ransom, Super Mario Bros 3 and Super Metroid are a bargain at any price.

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Could they be cheaper? Sure but it appears that people are willing to buy at that price. Most are still less expensive than the retail cart so I don't see that big of an issue with the pricing.