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nope, don't think so.

You mean a super mega massive mainstream hit? No, very unlikely. CoD4 blew the market away and has been riding the crest of a wave originally started by Halo. That wave will probably crash or divide out more evenly among top shooter titles rather than transferring over at this point. Online gaming has already reached prominence, there isn't much change for massive growth monopolization.

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If PS4 is successful (which I think it will be) and Killzone launches showing off its capabilities, it could be synonymous with the system like Halo with Xbox. This could vault it into the 5 million territory, but not 13 million like COD nowadays (on one system).

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No, it isn't multi-platform like CoD is/was.

Herolink7 said:

This is the only answer.

Sure, but i doubt it. Sony Doesn't really seem to have any idea about where they want to go with games.

...If you throw enough darts /Sony

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I don't think it will ever be a massive hit, but I could see it building up a steady following among Sony followers. I've only briefly played 3, and it was pretty, but I can't say much more for it.

Im going with yes, they just need 2 market it more and have Killzone 4 as a first system release with the PS4. I believe it could take off, Killzone is a great series and is a epic war simulator.


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