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Now I checked to see if there was a similar topic to this topic however I cannot find any - if there is I do apologize. Anyways....

Now we've been hearing rumors (not as much as other types of rumors) of Used games not working on future game systems thus endangering rental shops and services (and trade ins between friends or selling from a previous owner to a new owner) over the last few years in the previous generation and now more in during this gen about next gen.

Do you guys think if such rumors were true would the first party enforce or push forth demos of ALL games to be available through digital form? Would this hurt them more if they do (I know some people dont like the fact that Nintendo is not enforcing the achievement system rule like Sony/MS is and vice versa on even doing it - could it be something like that?) or will it be a smart business decision considering the fact that people if they want to see how a game is they could just download the demo and see how it is and if they like it they could buy the full game?

Now would they have a hard time pursuading third party devs to create demos for every single game that would be coming out? Would this beef up the retail price of games if the demos are free to begin with so it would make up for the costs of making the demos? Anyways...

Now here is a list of pros for this possible outcome
-People can have access to every single demo of every game.
-People can download any demo off the system's service (i.e. Virtual Console/Eshop, PSN/Gaikai or XBL/Microsoft Games) at their home or anywhere instead of waiting in the mail , etc (not too familiar with how demos are distributed these days other than full fledged digital ;p).

Now I know some cons of a possible outcome like this
-First party might charge people to download demos (I can see this happening)
-Used game shops and services to come to a halt or suffer in business for the future (thus endangering future jobs as well)



What do you think about the notion of not having Used games as a option in the future and in turn a renewed push for demos? You can agree/disagree or even come up with your own reasoning and points to see the flaw or genius of this idea.

P.S. Sorry that I might be sounding a bit weird in this topic - not used to making a topic like this and its SOO early I just woke up *_*!


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i could be wrong, but ms is good about requiring demos for live games (no used sales their) and i think it helps. But I see no way for a no used game policy to work. It is sure to violate European and US law, and would surely be hacked to play used games.

If used games are banned no one will buy any game apart from the main big games

nope i pretty sure most publishers rather no longer have demo's since all they care about is having your wallet

i hope so, they need to give us something if they banned used games (it's wrong that they would try!)

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Well im all for more demos...

But im also all for used games. Some games i simply will not fork out full retail price for. It will be a big mistake if they do away with used game sales somehow.

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The reason I'm so for used games is simply because I'm a retro gamer. I'll regularly pick up stuff that I missed in the fifth & sixth gen when I get an urge to play them and this kind of thing just wouldn't be possible if - for example - I'm gaming in the ninth gen and all eighth gen used games don't work and are no longer in production.

With that said, it was only about a year ago that I truly realised why buying new is so important. If I'm buying a new game in a franchise I love - or from a developer/publisher I love, I positively want to buy it new so I can show my support for them. But, some new games just aren't worth the price they're charged at - PSABR, as much as I love it, was not a £40 game. I picked it up for £25 and was much happier.

Ugh. I've got quite a few thoughts on this and I'm having trouble putting them into words at the minute. Basically:

- New demos - should always be encouraged.
- Used games - I like them, but I'd still be interested to hear if there was a more "fair" way of curtailing them prominence somewhat. I think online passes work okay for the most part.
- Videogame pricing - this is the issue that really needs to be looked at properly more than anything else, in my opinion. With so many studios being shut down lately for failing to turn profits, even when games sell like 1.5 million+ copies, then there's something wrong. All that stuff about prices not going up despite development costs increasing exponentially is a big part of it, and the fact that there seem to be hardly any mid-tier games anymore is worrying. Everything is either indie or AAA. But the middle was fucking good. And there needs to be a certain development level where games can be priced reasonably but not £45 to reflect the fact that they cost less than an AAA title. And I'm just not really seeing this being adopted at all.

But yeah. Enjoy the bump!

I don't see the connection between used game blocking and demos. Care to explain? What the availability of used game has to do with demos is beyond me.

I think taking away used games will lead to a massive amount of hackers trying to crack the system (even more than there would be anyway) and as a result a massive spike in piracy once the system is open.