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just picked up my company and its beautiful not much time in but am a jrpg to heart so i know this is goin to be fun

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Not in europe yet :(

yea dude thats messed up

I've started playing the jpn version a few days ago :). It's really an incredibly beautiful game.

cricket cricket...

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Picking up my copy as well as the hardcover strategy guide at work today

Cant wait

I would have bought it and started playing by now but I leave for basic training in a month and I already have games to beat so I'll have to wait :(((((((

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If I can get Jak II platinumed in the next 10 days, then yes, but it might have to wait a bit. Then again, although I have no games coming out in Feb, March is mad, so I need to get it started before too long, or it will have to wait until summer

I still need to play the demo to work out if I will like it though...

I'm waiting for my birthday to see if I get it, if not I'm waiting til after Dead Space 3 and hopefully there's like a 10$ discount or something like that.
 I can't wait too long because it's probably going to be a smaller print.

I cant open my wizard edition