Only select Wamart locations will carry PS Vita games now?

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I know this is kind of off topic, but I find most supermarkets are bloody awful at selling the new generation of consoles.

My local Tesco still have the DS & 3DS games lumped into one massive section. A friend of mine ended up buying Super Mario 3D Land because "it was in the DS section" and she thought it would be compatible with her normal DS, which it wasn't (she ended up buying a 3DS because I told her there was a new Kingdom Hearts game for it as well, which is her favourite series).

They also only had 6 spaces for Vita games in the first place (mixed in the with the PS3 games), and two of those spaces were taken up by memory cards. So they only really had 4 games for it. Two of which were the different versions of FIFA.

Thankfully, my local ASDA is a lot better. They keep their systems separate and actually have a surprising amount of games in general. They had at least 20 different Vita games last time I checked, and even more 3DS titles.

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Walmart has everything messed up. WiiU is mixed throughout the Wii section, vita has just two shelves on the bottom of some display and all of its products are Colorado coded like the PS3. The attendants who work in electronics could just as well work in clothes because they know nothing about either.

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Does anyone know if this has ever happened to a system from the Big 3 before? I know it happened to Saturn, Sega CD and Dreamcast. I don't believe it ever happened to GameCube.

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Pffft, clearly just sold out. Haterz gonna hate.

Wait.... how does he explain the other non vita shelves then? only select stores selling videoo games in general i guess.... walmarts doomed.... If he really wanted to convince me then he should have taken a picture of the lock up. This looks more to me like a planogram revision

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I dont know anybody who has a vita or wants one . All seem happy playing games on mobiles

not looking good for Vita

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This reminds me of the Gamecube in Australia. Major stores like Myer and such stopped stocking Gamecube games a year or 2 into it's life.

Just read through this thread.

I'm suprised nobody has question the fact that the photo shows 35 locations. Of those 35 - 14 are vita locations. 21 are non vita loacations. Of those non vita locations 6 spaces have a game on the shelf. The only game that has multiple units is CoD the other 5 only have 1 in its spot. 1's a ps2 game (apparently ps2 games are worth keeping over psv?) and 4 are psp games....

Seriously, the photo looks like they store has a planogram revision which they take everything off and then put everything back up. On top of that this looks like an endcap in the electronics department.. why wouldn't he take a photo of the lock box and where they actually keep the vitas?

I'm not saying its not true. What I'm saying is the photo is supicious and doesn't prove anything. If the photo wanted to prove something it would have been a simple easy second photo.

If it were psv games getting reshuffled why are 14 of 21 spots empty? If it's a revision like it looks like to me then the worker would remove everything from the shelf unless that shelf doesnt change hence the bottome row OR the worker is starting from the bottom up and the bottome row (the full one) was revised already.

Looking at Vita sales these days reminds me of watching a fat kid in gym class. I really do feel sorry for it.