Fast and Furious-Obama Style

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With all this talk of gun ownership and right, i am amazed that the fast and furious operation has not been mentioned by the media. Its one of the main reasons we can ban guns, as if the us government is going to sell guns to cartels and let them keep them how are we supposed to defend our seleves?


"Around 1,400 of the 2,000 guns purchased as part of the operation were lost and nearly 100 were used in crimes in Mexico, according to a Univision News investigation."


I wonder how many women, children, men, and peace officers in Mexico and the southern US statres have been killed or hurt by this action of the US government. I wonder more why our media does not talk about it, and why those responisble for it still have their jobs. Where was Obama's stance on guns when he let fast and furious happen, and why has he not responded by holding those who made the decsions responsible?