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Microsoft will shut down online multiplayer for 2007 shooter February 15 after peak user count hits only 20.

Halo 2 PC multiplayer will end February 15, 343 Industries has announced in a new blog post. The company said it has been monitoring the game's online population for months, finding that peak concurrent user levels reached only about 20 players.

Halo 2 for PC's multiplayer over LAN and single-player will remain available, though all other network services will be switched off at the time. "We love you, Halo 2 PC, and you will live forever in our hearts," the company said.

Halo 2 PC launched in May 2007, more than two and a half years after the original Xbox version released. It was ported to PC by internal Microsoft team Hired Gun, which has since been dissolved. The game runs only on Windows Vista.

Gamers holding out for a high-definition Halo 2 remake are out of luck, as Microsoft said last year that it has no plans for such a game.


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20 players online! jesus, well I guess that's what you get for excluding XP users from the start.

That's what you get for an awful port of (supposedly) one of the best FPS of all times

Wow! This is surprising that it is still going this long. RIP!

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Not surprised about the report. But i'm surprised it took them that long.

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I have Halo 2 single player running on Windows 7 without any issues. It runs on an AMD E450 APU netbook like a 1366x768.

Is the SP worth playing on PC? Played Halo 1 PC and wasn't that impressed back in 2005/2006 or so.

pezus said:
Is the SP worth playing on PC? Played Halo 1 PC and wasn't that impressed back in 2005/2006 or so.

I thought it was the worst Halo campaign out of all of them. However it's still better than 90% of other FPS me at least. 

I liked it cause it runs on low specs. Most of those lowe end AMD laptop APUs can run it so it's good for gaming when work sends me somewhere. I've beat RE4, Portal 2 and Halo 2on Pc on the last 3 business trips lol.

i got every single Halo game... For Xbox :D

But yeah those 20 guys its need to move up to Halo 4! Buy the 360 its dirt cheap.

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Being an Xbox 1 port, you would hope it would be light on system requirements today. :P

Graphically though, it is better than Halo 2 emulated on the Xbox 360, but it's nothing "amazing".

I really wish Microsoft would bring Halo 3 and Fable 2 to the PC already to finish off those trilogy's.

Also, what's the bet someone set's up a dedicated server and releases a patch to get around the no server bizzo? Happened to plenty of other games that had it's server shut off. :)

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