Sony announces PS3 Super Slim in red and blue for Europe

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After the black PlayStation 3 Super Slim is now following in the colors red and blue in Europe as Sony has announced.

This is the 500GB version includes two DualShock 3 controllers and the usual accessories. Both versions are available from the 20th February at a price of 329.95 EUR.

You can pre-order the new colors already on Amazon.de.

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How about no? The white one for NA looks SO much better. Red and blue look just cheap -_-

If it wasn't the Super Slim I would actually get one cause I like to collect.....BUT the SS is just to ugly :/

Super slim? Really? :P


wow. i don't like this. IMHO the new design looks good in black, because it's kind of retro. reminds me of old cassette cases and such stuff. but in all other colors it looks like a cheap toy. i could imagine the older model, the normal slim in other colours but the new one... no way.

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The most attractive part about the sale is the two controllers.

I wish all consoles came with two controllers.

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i always wondered why manufacturers release their consoles in other colors... especially if they *only* change color.

Ugh.. really?


Really all comes down to whether you like the color of the controllers. I know they look lame in pictures but nice in your hand. You're not gonna want to look at that console much... at least I say that now without every seeing them first hand.

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WOAH blue one is sexy