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Playstation Mobile will have free games for the Vita, changing every week, in case it hasn't been noted here yet. It's sweet that i'm now getting free games on my PS3 AND VITA with ONE PSplus account, and on top of that getting some free games from Playstaion Mobile as well. I just got Samurai Beatdown for free, as well as Lemmings. Just go to the Playstation Store, then Playstation Mobile tab.

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Yup Sony are giving gamers a lot these days!

yea, I saw 4 free ps mobile games on that store - I might try them later today


If you're a gamer, then PlayStation is the place to be.

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Well, at least they manage to satisfy their customers. While this is no reason to BUY (at least for me) a Vita, it certainly would keep me from selling it. Sony needs everyone who already bought a Vita, I think that's why they are pumping out all these games with PS+^^

They really need some sort of spark after the ugly Vita NPD numbers. Anything to help people toward the Vita and keep the current owners from abandoning it. I love my Vita and hope the U.S. market someday see how great it is.

Cant complain about free stuff :) sounds great


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ok 2 of those marked as "free" are trial versions, but in Lemmings the original lvls (~120 lvls afaik) are free and Samurai Beatdown should be free aswell

Turkish said:
If you're a gamer, then PlayStation is the place to be.

I disagree if your a gamer then every console is the place to be plus pc.

Also when i get my vita PSPlus will be the first thing i sign up for xD